Fish Palace provides the following services:

  • Free water testing: Bring a water sample with you the next time you visit the store!  This service is offered at no charge.
  • Aquarium and FishTank Maintenance: We’d be happy to have one of our experts visit your location to take care of basic maintenance items such as filter cleaning, water changes, water quality testing and much more.  This service starts at $60/hour, with a one hour minimum.  There is no trip or visit charge.  Call the store today for more details:  303-368-7999
  • Pre-mixed Saltwater: If you’re tired of mixing your own salt water, or just don’t have the space or time we can help you out.  Saltwater is available at Fish Palace for $0.99/gallon.  We use Red Sea Coral Pro salt mixed with RO Filtered water.  Bring your own container, or purchase one at the store.
  • Reverse Osmosis (RO) Water: Filtered make-up water for your saltwater aquarium is available for $0.39/gallon.  The water is filtered right in the store through the store’s high capacity, professional quality Reverse Osmosis filtration system.
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